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AI and Food Innovation
For food scientists and innovation teams, it has become increasingly difficult to find new flavors that can win in the market and make the kind of profit companies seek. At…
Which metrics will help you improve your innovation-led growth?
Climate change and inflation are heightening the need for consumer goods companies to innovate, whether to reduce production costs or develop carbon-free solutions. Today, CEOs are eager to boost the…
Why hire a third party to co-create your next innovation plan?
Hiring a third party to help build an innovation strategy can be a valuable investment for a company, as it can help to accelerate the innovation process and increase the…
In Times of Inflation and Crisis: Keep Calm & Innovate
In times of crisis, businesses can be overwhelmed by the here and now and prioritise short-term objectives. But such strenuous times also catalyse new and disruptive ideas. So don’t get…
Climate Change: Consumers Prefer Cutting Consumption to Paying a Premium.
Could climate change make your business model obsolete? As we all know, adapting to or mitigating climate change disruptions will raise production costs. So, today’s catch-22 question is whether consumers…
Accelerating Trends in US Food Consumption
In a nutshell, the food industry is becoming less about beating hunger than about one’s lifestyle.
Business Planning in Radically Uncertain Times
The ongoing poly-crisis is something that few had predicted but even fewer have prepared for. Current times are unprecedented in human history. We provide advice on how to make good…
How Speaking up About Values Can be Good for Business
Nike’s campaign is in line with its consumer base. By seizing the moment, and deciding quickly, ensuring excellent execution, all based on a deep understanding of its consumers, Nike has…
Will COVID-19 Change Consumer Behaviours?
In the past month, I have tried to understand what will be the short and mid-term impact of the covid-19 outbreak on consumer behavior.

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