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Why hire a third party to co-create your next innovation plan?

Hiring a third party to help build an innovation strategy can be a valuable investment for a company, as it can help to accelerate the innovation process and increase the chances of success.

The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not turbulence itself, but to act with yesterday’s logic.

This famous quote by Peter Drucker captures our current concerns and reminds us of how hard it is to innovate in radically uncertain times. That’s why, at beez, we help our clients to co-create consumer-centric innovation plans. Here are five reasons why it makes a difference. 

Collective ideation techniques

At beez, our forte is participatory innovation techniques that builds on collective intelligence techniques. That’s because our experience tells us that co-creation embraces diversity, embeds ownership, and fuels motivation – each of which make company growth more sustainable.

Leading a business transformation includes considering the company culture and the people that will make it happen. That’s why we have become experts in facilitating hackathons and fostering staff engagement.

Our people-centric Design Thinking methodologies often proves successful because empowered teams that own innovation goals achieve them more efficiently. They also help innovation teams develop what they need to further build their internal capability.

Consumer-centric insights

A consultancy will often bring an outside perspective to the company’s innovation efforts, which can be valuable for identifying new opportunities and areas for growth.

At beez, our consumer-centricity assessment tool draws insights from the company’s market and competitor landscape. It helps our clients to identify new trends and opportunities. We also help the company look at their operations and processes in a different light to identify areas for improvement and efficiency.


Throughout our co-creation approach, beez will combine active listening and straight-talking to ensure we deal with the real issues and provide value to our clients.

Because we are not directly involved in day-to-day operations, we can  provide honest and unbiased feedback on a client’s innovation efforts. We are not tied to the company’s existing processes and culture, making us more likely to identify the blindspots that those within the organisation may overlook.

External experts are thus more likely to challenge the status quo and inspire alternative solutions. This can be especially beneficial when the company is facing a tricky problem or trying to break out of a rut in its innovation efforts.

Implementation support

Regarding implementation support, hiring a third-party consultancy, such as beez, can provide a wide range of services to help the company successfully roll out its new innovation plan, such as:

    1. Stakeholder management
      At beez, we work with all key stakeholders in the company to ensure that everyone is aligned with the innovation strategy and that the necessary resources are in place to implement them.
    2. Change management
      We also help the company manage the challenges associated with implementing an innovation strategy, such as changes to processes, systems, and culture.
    3. Building internal capabilities
      We can provide training and support to employees to help them understand and embrace the changes associated with implementing the innovation strategy. Furthermore, we can assist a client in developing the necessary systems and processes. We can help the company monitor and evaluate the progress of the innovation strategy, implement a feedback loop to ensure continuous improvement, or determine the resources necessary to implement the innovation strategy.

Access to resources & expertise

Third-party consultants often have access to a wide range of resources and networks that can benefit a client’s innovation strategy. At beez, we have access to a wide range of experts and market research partners available on demand.

Our experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience they can tap into to provide 

At beez, we were not “born consultants”. Our experts also have extensive in-house experience in leading companies from around the world. They can thus draw from their knowledge and tap into their experience to provide relevant guidance or coaching to in-house teams.

In a nutshell, by making them appreciate how successful innovation strategies can be adapted to fit their unique culture and context, we help our clients make better decisions. By learning from the successes and failures of others and sharing best practices, our clients can avoid common pitfalls.

In a nutshell, third-party consultancies, such as beez, can prove invaluable for ensuring that the innovation strategy is implemented successfully and that the desired outcomes are achieved.

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