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We have a passion for brands & people.

For 15 years, Emmanuelle Sangouard has worked on developing new products and boosting sales in blue chip companies. Overtime, she has developed a passion for brands, namely how they can win new customers and inspire employees.
At Unilever, she experienced how diverse and open environments spur creativity and innovation. She also developed mentoring skills and served as a go-to person for young recruits and junior colleagues in need of career guidance.
In 2010, Emmanuelle set up her independent consulting practice specialised in innovation-led growth. Three years later, she teamed up with a pool of strategy, marketing and communication experts and launched beez.
Together, we have been turning brand, products, and people challenges into business opportunities. We help our clients grow thanks to our fresh insights, co-creation methodologies, leadership coaching and positive outlook.

Values, diversity & collaboration.

In our VUCA world, business prospects are tougher to ascertain. And innovation stands harder to ideate, roll out, fund or scale up. Meanwhile, climate change, war, pandemics and technological disruptions are putting more onus on purpose and people. By putting more emphasis on diversity, empathy and collaboration, an unprecedented era of innovation stands before us.
The abundance of readily available information about global challenges raises awareness. People are now more conscious about their carbon footprint or the merits of inclusive societies. Online or offline, the coming of age of Generation Z is putting the onus on value-based consumption.
From renewable energy generation to ethical supply chains, the moral economy will drive innovation in consumer-facing products. Similarly, inside companies, highly skilled and mobile professionals increasingly want to work for a purpose.
Digital technology fosters flexibility, transparency and collaboration.
It has the potential to democratise and humanise work, and make it more meaningful.
Automation will steadily increase the relative value of the human interaction offered to customers and consumers.
The quality of the experience created will become more differentiating. Matching and embracing the diversity of society will prove essential for retail companies.
Millennial demography and values are also pushing businesses to make diversity and inclusion a priority. Yet, innovation also thrives in diverse environments.
In the age of artificial intelligence, humans will remain relevant not by knowing but by listening, relating, and collaborating at the highest level. Thus, critical skills for innovation will become more demanded.
As valued characteristics in the workplace shift, women may have comparative advantages. Women tend to be comparatively stronger in emotional intelligence and teamwork.

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